Deep State is shifting tactics and laying a trap to take down President Trump

The Alt-Left and Deep State are now shifting tactics in order to goad President Donald Trump into a trap. It is a bald-faced attempt to get the President to lose his cool and to make a mistake. The Mueller propagated FBI raid on the offices, home, and hotel room of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, was designed as a trap. Hopefully, the President is keeping a calm head. 

As Written and Reported By Brian C. Joondeph for the American Thinker:

The entire goal of the Deep State has been to somehow get rid of President Trump.

Since Election Day, when the entire Washington, D.C. establishment was expecting a Hillary Clinton landslide victory, the establishment’s goal has been to get rid of Donald Trump.  It began the day after the election.  Once Mrs. Clinton stopped throwing d breaking things in her hotel room, John Podesta and her team concocted the Russia collusion story to explain her surprising lectoral loss.

The reality is that the Russia-Russia story was already being worked in the FBI and DOJ via investigations and FISA warrants constituting the infamous “insurance policy” in the unlikely event that Trump did win the election – or to ruin him if he lost, sending a message to any future outsider candidate who dares to challenge the Deep State nominees.

Since then, the entire goal of the Deep State has been to somehow get rid of President Trump.  There has been a withering attack on Trump from the media, 24-7, with over 90 percent negative coverage.  No other president, including other Republicans, have had monolithic media opposition day in and day out, including the constant stream of fake news.

The Deep State is working in concert with the media to destroy Trump, as evidenced by the ongoing revelations hopefully fully brought to light with the DOJ-OIG report.  How ironic that Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein wrote a letter to the president recommending that FBI director James Comey be fired.  Then, when Trump followed his recommendation, Rosenstein appointed a special counsel to go after Trump, in part as a reaction to Comey’s termination. How’s that for a Deep State trap?

Now, almost a year into Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion…..


Shifting Tactics to Take Down Trump


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