Deep State’s all out war on Trump revealed by FBI report

The Deep State is not a fiction dreamed up by the tinfoil hat team. Not only are they real, but they are reported to have real meetings to discuss tactics and strategies. They are instructed in precisely what they can and cannot do to delay and resist the Trump administration. There is an FBI report the denotes these activities.

President Trump is correct in his statements about the shadow government. Jeff Sessions blew his stack at the resistance that he uncovered. What will it take to get these rogues to function as servants of the people and not negotiators of their preferences?

As Written by Edward Klein for Breitbart: 

The mainstream media’s effort to cast doubt on the existence of the Deep State has been dealt a stunning body blow by an FBI report on rogue elements within the permanent federal bureaucracy.

After conducting 2,000 interviews, the FBI’s field offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York compiled a 1,400-word report on the Deep State last summer for then-Director James Comey. The field report is being published for the first time in my new book All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.

“The Bureau has gotten actionable intelligence that there is, within the federal government, a growing and organized movement to block or interfere with administration policy decisions,” the report states.

“There have been regular organized meetings of large numbers of government workers at a church in the Columbia Heights area of the District [of Columbia] where plans have been discussed to actively sabotage government programs they disagree with,” the report continues. “These would include immigration enforcement, crackdowns on welfare fraud and any weakening of environmental rules. Plus, there is concern that some dissenting government workers might be dislodged from their positions by the Trump Administration……..


Edward Klein: New Book Reveals FBI Report on Deep State’s ‘All Out War’ to Destroy Trump

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