Delingpole Destroys Liberal Facsits Over Disgusting D-Day Lies

The Alt-Left and groups like Antifa continue to display and lack of understanding of politics, history, and even something so important as D-Day. They continue to redefine the meaning of words to spin what they want them to. Antifa is supposed to mean anti fascist, but the tactics that they use is the prime tool of fascism. The use of the D-Day analogy in these memes, tweets, and posts is reprehensible at best. James Delingpole lays it out for you in a fine write up.

As Written By James Delingpole for Breitbart:

Here’s a tweet to turn your stomach.

(Scott’s wife, Catherine McKenna, is the Eco Barbie currently serving under Prime Minister Justin Bieber as Canada’s Minister for the Environment and Climate Change, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised by the lameness of the politics…)

And here’s another, from a pubescent left-wing activist and BBC regular called Owen Jones, which ought to bring up whatever there is left of your breakfast.

And here – dry heave, now, I fear – is a particularly smug and noisome offering from the deputy editor of what used to be a men’s style magazine, Esquire.


Did you see what they all just did there? Well, let me explain, with reference to a rather strange trip I took about 25 years ago, to Europe’s last (and worst) Communist tyranny, Albania.

The country had just opened up to the West after four decades of abject poverty and misery, most of them under the tyrannical Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha. Albania was a prison state akin to North Korea. People who tried to escape were shot; food was meager; the cities were polluted and uglified with dreary communist architecture; everyone looked gray and miserable; freedom of speech was, of course, forbidden: there were spies everywhere and political prisoners ended up in jail or worse…

When I arrived, on what I believe was the second ever commercial flight allowed into the country from the West since the war, there was absolutely nothing to do in the country’s …….


Delingpole: Actually, No, D-Day Wasn’t Won by Masked, Leftist Thugs… – Breitbart

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