Democrat Deputy Counsel Is Former Lynch-Clinton Investigator [Video]

Here we go, folks! We’re going to find out just how deep this hole is! It’s been discovered that Paige Herwig, now Deputy General Counsel for the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, edited press statements about the Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meeting on her private plane. This is concerning as this is the same committee that’s investigating Lynch’s possible involvement and role in the investigating into the Hillary Clinton email debacle.

So now if that doesn’t top it off it turns out that a lot of the email exchanges between the FBI, DOJ, and the White House (under former President Obama) specifically in regards to this meeting have been redacted.

As written by Fox News:

A lawsuit against the Justice Department has revealed new details about the infamous tarmac meeting between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton.

Due to a Freedom of Information Act request from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), the DOJ released 413 pages of documents related to the June 27, 2016 meeting.

The documents revealed that reporters were reluctant to cover the the meeting, and also that Lynch used an alias for official DOJ emails, including those related to the meeting.

Jay Sekulow, an attorney for President Trump and chief counsel for the ACLJ, said the documents also show that there were email exchanges between the FBI and the DOJ, and the DOJ and the White House, regarding the controversial meeting.

“We do know that this reached the FBI, the Department of Justice. At the Department of Justice, went as high as the attorney general. At the FBI, at least to the chief of staff to [then-FBI Director] James Comey,” Sekulow said. “And we now have an email that goes from the Department of Justice to the White House, to the press secretary there.”


Sekulow: DOJ Talking Points on Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting Redacted

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