Democrat Proves With One Tweet Exactly Why Trump Won

New Hampshire’s Democrat Party chair, Matt Braynard, seems to have lost his powers of reasoning over the activities of Look Ahead America. This organization spun out of a group of Donald Trump supporters after the elections and are now focusing on getting disaffected voters registered and educated. Because of the roots to Trump, Mr. Braynard drops down to all the name calling and denigrating at his disposal. If you registered due to the efforts of this group, you are a white supremacist. See where this is going?

As Written By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

New Hampshire’s Democratic Party chair referred to rural, disaffected voters as “white supremacists” and “extremists” on Sunday.

WMUR9 told its viewers that Look Ahead America, an organization that reaches out to “disaffected, patriotic Americans” may be headed to New Hampshire next.

“New Hampshire’s going to be, probably, the state we advance to next,” Matt Braynard, the executive director said. “We’ve identified maybe 15,000 inactive voters who we would consider disaffected, patriotic Americans. And potentially 100,000 or more unregistered adults we’re going to reach out to.”

“We’re applying to identify patriotic Americans who’ve become disaffected and cynical, so we can engage them on issues relevant to them, get them registered, get them educated and turn them out to vote,” Braynard explained……….



NH Dem Chair: Rural, Disaffected Voters Are & | The Daily Caller

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