Democrat says Trump should absolutely NOT testify before Congress [Video]

In this video, Democratic Party Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island weighed in on the thought of President Trump testifying before Congress. His reasoning is sound and constitutional. Too bad he still will not look at the facts. He still his all for the Special Counsel to conduct a witch hunt, as you will see here.

As Written By Justin Haskins for The Blaze:

Longtime Democratic Party Sen. Jack Reed (R.I.) said on Sunday President Donald Trump shouldn’t testify before Congress because it would create separation-of-powers issues.

In an interview with the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday,” Reed told Chris Wallace the prospect of Trump being questioned by Congress “raises the issue of separation of powers.”

“That raises the issue of separation of powers, frankly,” Reed said. “At that point, history would suggest that’s not done often.”

“The special prosecutor, Mr. Mueller, is charged to conduct this investigation, and I believe he’s the……..


Dem senator says Trump shouldn’t testify before Congress — and his argument makes a lot of sense – TheBlaze

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