Democrat secret donors have a dastardly plan for America

If it were possible to elect more and more alt-left District Attorneys on the local level, what would the impact be? You are not going to like the answer. There is a group of secretive donors that have made the study and see a way to make the nation blue. If you can control the courts, you have control of one of the three legs of government.

Remember, what the liberal progressive left has been unable to accomplish through legislation, they have been more than willing to obtain through the court system. That would be the trump card in turning the nation Blue. Do you think that George Soros is involved? 

As Written By Joe Schoffstall for the Free Beacon:

The Democracy Alliance, a secretive leftwing dark money donor network whose members each direct hundreds of thousands in funding to progressive groups, are set to ramp up efforts to elect far-left prosecutors across the nation, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The documents, which were gathered from the Democracy Alliance’s three-day fall investment conference last week at the posh La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, Calif., show that electing ultra-progressive prosecutors in cities across the country is of high importance to the deep-pocketed donors as part of their “resistance” efforts and 2018 strategy.

Closed events were held at the summit on issues ranging from using the state of California as a progressive template to expand elsewhere, to the “importance of prosecutor races.”

“Progressive prosecutors are winning—from Florida to Pennsylvania, Texas to Illinois,” a flier for a session reads. “Bold reform candidates have been propelled by movement players and driven record voter turnout of African Americans, Latinos, and Millennials—and are shifting the political narrative.”………


Secretive Liberal Donor Network to Ramp Up Efforts to Elect Far-Left District Attorneys

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