Democrat Senator Warns Her Party And We Are Shocked!

There is at least one Democrat Senator who thinks that the Democrat party has insulated itself from the real world. They have been drinking their own Koolaid for far too long. Their brand of political posturing has isolated them from reality. Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois seems to be the only one that sees the warning signs. Here is her warning.

As Written and Reported By Matt Vespa For Townhall:

Whether it’s been a long-held conviction or one that’s arrived at the begrudgingly, some Democrats, specifically those in the Midwest, know that their party is a bit isolated from the rest of the country. The Democratic Party may be feeling high heading into the midterms, but it’s in an overall shambles. The Democratic National Committee has been abysmal at raising money. They have no leader. They have no message. They have no agenda. There are no Obama-like messages of hope. There’s no resonating economic message either. It’s all we hate Trump, which gets the die-hard progressives riled up, but that’s not enough to win. The party is an urban-based and coastal party. One-third of the House Democratic caucus comes from three states: New York, Massachusetts, and California. Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) knows the challenges her party faces, warning that they cannot be a party that is solely focusing on one group or groups of people, while discarding the rest.

She seems to warn her party about only embracing identity politics, immigrants, and minorities concerning Democratic outreach. It’s a much better message when you show that care about everyone. Duckworth made these remarks in a podcast for Politico (via Washington Examiner):

 We have to care about everyone,” she said. “We can’t just care about minorities, or immigrants, or identity politics.”

She cautioned that Democrats won’t get far “if we just focus on the left-wing side of the party, or the more conservative side of the party.”

In fact, that’s partially what led them into their current state. Yet, even if Democrats manage to craft something that resonates with voters, it could be a moot point. Right …….


Dem Senator Warns Party: We Can’t Just Care About Immigrants, Minorities, And Identity Politics – Matt Vespa

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