Democrat Strategist Can’t Answer One Simple Question [Video]

[VIDEO] You really have to watch this if you think that you would enjoy watching a Democrat Strategist squirm. It was just great. Give him credit for never asking the question. The subject of the interview on FOX News was the women who are accusing Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. Then a question was asked involving Old Bill Clinton. 

As Written By Frank Camp for the Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, Townhall’s Guy Benson, and Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas had a rather interesting exchange on “Outnumbered Overtime” on Fox News.

During a debate regarding the moral questions that have arisen in the Alabama Senate race, Petkanas repeatedly thrashed Roy Moore, calling him a “pedophile,” and “someone who wants to rape 8th-graders.”

As the conversation unfurled, and both sides noted that the women accusing Roy Moore appear credible, Benson posed a simple question to Petkanas, and the Democratic strategist refused to answer.

Here’s the exchange:

BENSON: I have made very clear that I am not a Moore supporter; I was not a supporter of his before all of this came out — to make that clear. … I think he was unacceptable to me as a Republican voter if I lived in Alabama – which I don’t – and it’s up to the people of Alabama. But there are some very serious charges against Roy Moore; I find these women [credible]. …

I understand why you’d be on a high horse, morally, about this because sometimes there are very bright distinctions when it comes to politics. But I would challenge you — maybe not directly, but a lot of Democrats — if Bill Clinton were up for election again — let’s say he ran for president and were the nominee in 2020. He was credibly accused of forcible rape. Would they vote for him over a Ted Cruz? I think history shows the answer is “yes.”

PETKANAS: Look, I was 15 years old when Bill Clinton left office. That’s the age when Roy Moore goes………


WATCH: Dem Strategist Cannot Answer Simple Question: ‘Would You Vote For Bill Clinton?’ | Daily Wire



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