Democrats Are Looking for A New Way To Skirt The Constitution

Did anyone see this Constitutional right when they were taking a civics class? In this socialist quest for equal outcomes from the Democrats, it was bound to happen. It has finally come to court from Wisconsin. They are upset over the legislative boundaries that are drawn in that state. Their argument is that not enough Democrats are winning. I guess election there need to be run on a quota system? Read this junk argument.

As Written By Matt Walter for Real Clear Politics:

Does the Democratic Party have a constitutional right to win a minimum number of elections? Of course not, but that’s what lawyers for a group of Wisconsin Democrats effectively argued at the Supreme Court in Gill v. Whitford. Despite decades of experience and legal precedent to the contrary, Democrats are asking the Court to enter the political realm and find for the first time that a legislative map is unconstitutional on partisan-related grounds. The Supreme Court should take a pass.

In the Badger State, which voted for President Trump and where Republicans hold nearly all statewide elected offices, Democrats ask the Supreme Court to overturn Wisconsin’s legislative map because their party has failed to translate its statewide vote totals into a proportionate number of wins in the state legislature.

Never mind that America has a winner-take-all system, where winning individual elections, not running up votes, is what matters. Or that Wisconsin Democrats cluster predominately in the cities of Milwaukee and Madison, while Republicans are spread out more evenly (and therefore are more competitive) throughout the state. Or that significant crossover voting exists in Wisconsin, where the majority of voters in fifteen separate legislative districts split their ticket between 2012 and 2016 – choosing one party’s candidate for President or Governor and the opposing party’s candidate to represent them in the state ……….


A Constitutional Right to Win? The Democrats Want One | RealClearPolitics

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