Democrats Are Terrified About Today And They Should Be

Virginia’s big election is causing many Democrats to have sleepless nights. they are breaking out in night sweats. They were long convinced that they would keep the State of Virginia in the Blue column. They seem to be having some problems as pre-election polls are showing.

What was a blue-leaning election has now become a toss-up or a red-leaning election. Democrat Ralph Northam may be responsible for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It seems that one of his supporting PACs may have overstepped the rules of fair play. Many Virginians are incensed over a recently run ad involving a pickup truck and some chains. You know what that was about.

As Written By Daniel Marans for HuffPost:

In Virginia’s gubernatorial race on Tuesday, the Democratic Party has a chance to score its first major political win since President Donald Trump’s election.

Many Democrats worry, however, that the party is going to blow what once seemed like a made-to-order opportunity.

A victory for Democrat Ralph Northam, the current lieutenant governor, would provide the restive party a much-needed dose of optimism. But the consequences of a win by Republican Ed Gillespie, an inveterate Beltway power broker, would have reverberations far beyond Tuesday.

It would signal to Republicans, once wary of Trump’s toxicity, that wielding his brand of right-wing populism is a winning strategy ― even in a state with a popular Democratic governor that Hillary Clinton carried by a 5-percentage-point margin in the 2016 presidential election.

“It will be incredibly demoralizing,” said Yasmin Taeb, a Virginia Democratic National Committee member who has been volunteering for Northam’s campaign.

Taeb, who organized many of the Washington-based protests against Trump’s ban on travel from majority-Muslim countries, frets that a Northam loss could dull the enthusiasm of many of the people inspired to become politically active by the president’s …….


Democrats Are Terrified Of Losing Virginia’s Big Election. They Should Be.

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