Democrats Claim The Data Their Pakistani IT Guy Took Was ‘Homework’

I have heard homework excuses before. However, nothing can compare with this one from the Left side of the United States House of Representatives. By now you are familiar with the House Democrats, led by Debbie Washerman Schultz and their infamous IT guy, Imran Awan. He is the guy, along with his brother, that had access to a lot of confidential House emails and correspondence. He is currently in jail and the authorities want to know why he was downloading terabytes of data from the House servers. Can you believe he tried to cover it up with a false report and then he blamed it on his kid’s homework? Read this.

As Written By Luke Rosiak for The Daily Caller:

Democratic congressional aides made unauthorized access to a House server 5,400 times and funneled “massive” amounts of data off of it. But there’s nothing to see here, Democrats told The Washington Post: They were just storing and then re-downloading homework assignments for Imran Awan’s elementary-school aged kids and family pictures.

A congressional source with direct knowledge of the incident contradicted the Post’s account, saying that now-indicted IT aide Imran Awan and his associates “were moving terabytes off-site so they could quote ‘work on the files’” and that they desperately tried to hide what was on the server when caught, providing police with what law enforcement immediately recognized as falsified evidence and an indication of criminal intent.

The Post described the amount of data improperly flowing out of the congressional network as “massive.” One congressional source told Circa it was “terabits.”

A terabyte is a million megabytes; a terabit is about one-tenth of that. Awan’s three children are in elementary school or younger. A book report in Word document format could clock in at under a megabyte, even if it were 100 pages long. To fill a terabyte with family photos, a person would need 250,000 …..


Dems Claim Data Awan Took Was Homework | The Daily Caller

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