Democrats STILL Can’t Answer This One Question [Video]

If you want to watch Democrat’s eyes glaze over and hear a bunch of hemming and hawing, just ask one simple question: Who is the leader of your party? Why is this a problem at this time? Where is the Leader of the Democrat National Committee? Is he so far left that even the rank and file are scared to be seen with him? Why is Nancy Pelosi not even considered? Dirty Harry Reed is never mentioned. What is going on?

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

More than 10 months after the 2016 election, California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier still has no answer for who the leader of the Democratic Party is.

When asked who her party’s leader is an interview Wednesday afternoon, Speier dodged the question and declined to name a single Democratic leader.

“Who’s the leader of the Democratic Party right now in this country?” asked MSNBC host Craig Melvin.

“Well, good question. I think there are a lot of leaders. What we need to determine over the next, I’d say, six to eight months is who really rises to the top. But there’s a great bench of Democrats who are looking at running for president and we’ll see how many of them get traction,” Speier said…….


Jackie Speier Can’t Name Democrats’ | The Daily Caller

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