Democrats Taking HUGE Steps to Court the Hispanic Vote in 2016

The Democrat Party Platform has taken a huge left turn from its immigration stance of 2012. In a full one and a half gainer dive into the pool of pandering, the Democrats will sell out the nation’s best interests in order to get the Hispanic vote. The party platform even names Donald Trump as the bad guy bogie man that will arrest and deport every Spanish speaking person in the nation. Anything goes for a vote. Read more below.

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As Written By Rafael Bernal for The Hill:

The stance on immigration is a large step left from the 2012 version.

The Democratic Party delivered a huge win to immigration activists in its party platform draft released Friday, taking a liberal stance in sharp contrast to Republican proposals.

The party, counting on a boost in November from predicted record Hispanic turnout, called immigration “a defining aspect of the American character and history.”

The platform calls for a path to citizenship “for law-abiding families who are here,” the defense of President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, the end of immigration raids against children and families, due process for “those fleeing violence in Central America,” and to rescind statutory bans on immigrants who modify their status in the country.

Maureen Meyer, director of the Washington Office ….

Full Story Here:

Dem immigration platform courts Hispanics | TheHill

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