Democrats to Hold Nation HOSTAGE to Get Liberal Justice

Who is the real Party of No? It is actually the Democrat party. They have no qualms about putting the nation at risk to get their liberal Supreme Court Justice nominated. This would bring a major shift in the SCOTUS and lead to a totally unconstitutional minded series of findings. Our freedoms  will vanish under a socialist agenda. Read this article and be aware.


Scalia Replacement Fight Entangles Budgeteers

WASHINGTON — The looming fight in the US Congress over a Supreme Court nominee threatens to doom the chances for a Republican budget and tangle Congress in appropriations gridlock.

The expected impasse over replacing the late Justice Antonin Scalia is endangering the plans of House and Senate Republican leaders who have repeatedly vowed to complete the full appropriations process and restore “regular order” to Congress. Ahead of the elections, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., intended to redeem the party’s obstructionist reputation, but Democrats angered by McConnell’s vow to block any White House nominee, may thwart those plans.

“Basically you infuriated and united Democrats on the one thing that was important to McConnell at this point: appropriations,” said longtime Washington-based budget analyst Stan Collender. “The Republican leader has been saying we’re going to show everybody we can make the trains run on time in Washington … Now the Democrats are basically saying, if you’re going to to be unreasonable about a Supreme Court nominee, we’re going to make your life difficult on appropriations.’”

Prior to Scalia’s death Feb. 13, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., was working to wrangle members of the conservative Freedom Caucus to back a budget that would hew to the top lines of last year’s Bipartisan Budget Act. Citing projections of a $19 trillion national debt and spiking deficit, its members have demanded a $30 billion cut to comply with statutory budget caps eased by a deal they never supported.

Yet it looked like the 12 appropriations bills, in line with the deal’s numbers, would move smoothly through Congress with a combination of Republican and Democratic support — despite this year’s abbreviated calendar, according to Collender.

That changed when McConnell, after the first public confirmation of Scalia’s death, said the GOP-controlled Senate would block consideration of President Barack Obama’s nominee to succeed him.


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