Democrats Will Be Fuming Over Bill Introduced By GOP Senator

On the face of it, the Visa lottery for entry into the United States sounded like such a good thing. It gives the liberals a feel-good moment when they can surprise a winner with a free pass into the United States. It is a program full of dangers and like so many more Federal programs it is being abused. If this is a pathway for terrorists then it should be stopped. here is what is going on:

As Written By Neil Munro for Breitbart: 

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy is stepping forward with a bill that would end the lottery-visa program, which has allowed luck and foreigners to pick 5 million unscreened people for legal immigration into the United States since 1990.

“It would be hard to design an immigration process that is more irrational even if you tried,” Kennedy told Breitbart News, just one week after a visa-lottery winner from Uzbekistan shouted “Allah Is Greater!” as he used a rented truck to murder eight people in New York. Kennedy continued:

We need to go to some sort of merit-based immigration, similar to Canada or Australia. The questions we ought to be asking — which the lottery program does not ask — are “Why do you want to come to America? Do you want to assimilate to America? Do you have any skills that will enhance our economy?” [Those are] the questions that any normal rational policymaker would be asking…

We’ve got to get past this idea that it is somehow immoral to ask “Why do you want to come into our country? What can you ad to our country?” A country has borders — that is the definition of a country — and every country that I’m aware of asks “Will you assimilate? Who would you bring with you? Do you have skills that will enhance our economy?” It is immoral in my opinion to not ask ………


Sen. Kennedy Pushes Bill To End Visa Lottery – Breitbart

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