Deputy FBI Director McCabe has suddenly got a “scheduling problem” that will prevent him from testifying

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has suddenly got a scheduling problem that will prevent him from testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee. This comes just after the demotion of Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr became common knowledge. 

It seems that Mr. Ohr did not inform his bosses of meetings with Fusion GPS people. There is also word out that his wife is employed by Fusion GPS. Those are the people that coordinated the Russian dossier against Donald Trump. 

It may bee that Mr. McCabe needs to get his story lined up about Ohr before he goes to the committee hearing. Right now, nothing is passing the smell test. Here are the latest details.

As Written By Kristina Wong for Breitbart: 

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was due to meet with House intelligence committee investigators on Tuesday as part of the panel’s Russia probe, but on Monday evening, he rescheduled his appearance after a Fox News report revealed that Fusion GPS had paid a senior Justice Department official’s wife.

The Justice Department said it was a “routine scheduling error” on their end.

“This was a routine scheduling error after the dates were switched on an internal email that we are happy to provide the committee,” a Justice Department spokesman said in a statement.

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said on Fox and Friends that the FBI had scheduled two witnesses to testify on Tuesday and next Tuesday, and accidentally flipped the witnesses in an email to the House committee.

“We are trying to sort that out right now. The FBI sincerely regrets the error, obviously,” she said.

However, House investigators are suspicious.

McCabe — a witness that the committee has sought for months — would have likely faced questions about the recent revelation that……


Deputy FBI Director Delays Testimony After Report Reveals Fusion GPS Paid Official’s Wife 

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