DeSantis Says He Thinks He Knows Who The Mole Is

If this Representative thinks that he knows who the FBI planted Mole is in the Trump campaign, is it time for him to clear the air and name names? The fact that there was an FBI Mole in the Trump camp now seems to be an undisputed fact. That was seemingly affirmed when the FBI went out of their way to define and protect a source from Congressional scrutiny. There is a lot of speculation as to who it is. Do you have an opinion?

As Written and Reported By Nick Givas for the Daily Caller:

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida thinks he may know who was spying on President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, but said further investigation is needed to get to the truth.

Rumors of an FBI mole planted within the campaign have surfaced and DeSantis, a Florida gubernatorial candidate, believes the accusations have merit.

“I know that we’re actively trying to get the underlying documents that would tell us — did they spy on the Trump campaign or not?” DeSantis said on “Fox & Friends” Monday. “The reason why a lot of us were suspicious was because Glen Simpson at one point, the head of Fusion GPS, testified that there was a human source inside the Trump campaign, based on his conversations with Christopher Steele. So it suggests that Steele as a British agent, may have been working with somebody who the FBI was also working with.”

DeSantis said he may know the identity of the mole but believes it’s more important for Congress to confirm that the federal government was spying on the Trump campaign.

“I think I may know the person just based on what I’ve learned, not even classified. But we don’t even need to know the name. We just need to know did …..


DeSantis May Know Who Was Spying On Trump | The Daily Caller


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