DEVELOPING: It Seems The Clinton’s Have Even MORE Interlocking Ways To Hide Money

This newest “revelation” by the spokesperson for The Clinton Foundation, in response to the Uranium One, Canada fiasco opens up something even MORE interesting. It seems the Clinton’s have other interlocking “non-profit foundations” to hide money! Why is this information only now being mentioned by the media and the Clinton’s?

If the Clinton’s had nothing to hide, they would disclose everything and turn over the server she once used. And, since the Clinton’s are obviously not interested in doing any truth telling, it begs the question: Just what is it that they are hiding?


The Clinton Foundation on Sunday offered its first response to an allegation that it failed to report $2.35 million in donations from a Canadian foundation run by the chairman of a uranium company who was seeking U.S. approval to sell his firm to the Russian nuclear agency.

In a statement, Clinton Foundation acting chief executive Maura Pally said the donations went to a separate Clinton charity, the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership-Canada.

The donations came between 2008 and 2012 from the Fernwood Foundation, a family charity of Ian Telfer, chairman of the Canadian company Uranium One at the time of its 2009 sale. The company owned one of the largest uranium mines in the U.S. and therefore required approval of its sale from a U.S. committee consisting of the State Department and eight other departments. The panel let the deal proceed, and the company is now owned by Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear agency.

A spokesman for Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time, said she had no involvement in the matter and didn’t discuss it with the department official designated to decide the issue. The campaign issued a statement from the official saying he never heard from Mrs. Clinton on the matter.


Clinton Foundation Provides Details on Canadian Donation – WSJ.


Clinton’s have even more interlocking ways to hide money

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