Dianne Feinstein STUNS SF Crowd With Trump Remarks [Video]

California Senator Dianne Feinstein made some remarks about President Trump that may have her in a bit of trouble. Nothing can get a Democrat in more trouble quicker than having something good to say about President Donald Trump. In this video, she is saying that, Yes, he can become a good President. Oh My! Fire and brimstone have rained upon her in such volumes as to be unbelievable. How long will it be before this is walked back?

As Written By By John Wildermuth for SF Gate:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein may be San Francisco’s favorite politician, but she quickly learned Tuesday evening that even a wildly popular ex-mayor can get into trouble if she tries to say something nice about President Trump.

Feinstein received a standing ovation from the 850 people at the sold-out Herbst Theater when she walked onto the stage for an hour-long “conversation” with former East Bay Rep. Ellen Tauscher. But near the end of the political lovefest, the senator shocked the crowd when she declined to say that Trump should be impeached, and warned the audience that they should expect to deal with the developer-turned politician for all four years of his term.

“The question is whether he can learn and change,” Feinstein told the crowd at the Commonwealth Club event. “If so, I believe he can be a good president.”



Feinstein surprises SF crowd by expressing hope for Trump – SFGate

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