Did Hillary Clinton money launder some campaign cash?

Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton raised millions and millions of dollars for her run for President. Surprisingly, after she lost, she still had some money left over. Now that money is hers to do with as she sees fit as long as it is within certain guidelines. The big No-No is that it cannot be converted to personal use. What we are looking at here appears to be a workaround to get past that rule. Was the temptation just too big? Here is what is known.

As Written and Reported By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Hillary Clinton sent more than $150,000 in leftover campaign cash to an LLC designed to handle her income from books and speaking engagements, potentially in violation of the FEC rules on how to disburse leftover funds.

The Free Beacon reports that Clinton paid the $150,000, in several installments marked “rent,” to ZFS Holdings LLC, a Delaware-based company she established just days after leaving the State Department. From around 2014 to the present, the company, which does not appear to have much more than a general corporate presence, managed Clinton’s income from her various extracurricular activities.

But Clinton didn’t pay ZFS for “rent” or for anything else while she was actively campaigning for president. When her campaign wrapped up, however, it began sending checks to ZFS marked “rent,” though it’s not clear what the former Clinton campaign was actually renting.

The first transaction from the committee to ZFS was made on May 4, 2017 in the amount of $32,929.28, nearly six months after Trump had defeated Clinton. Each payment from the committee to ZFS was marked as “rent.”

Seven additional payments were made ranging from $9,617.87 to $36,369.39. The most recent payment to ZFS, for $20,822.92, was made on March 15, filings show.

The campaign has pushed $149,456.78 to ZFS Holdings since early May of last year……..


REPORT: Hillary Clinton Sent Campaign Cash To A Company Managing Her Book Tour, Speaking Engagements | Daily Wire


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