Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Say How Facebook Would Try and Destroy Alternative Media?

There is a real danger as Facebook proceeds with its plans to destroy any alternative media that they do not approve of. Facebook has become the defacto Town Square of our society. Mr. Zuckerberg will now go about establishing what will be trusted sources in the news. As you might expect, the first results show that liberal news shows an uptick in coverage. Conservative positions are rapidly being strangled out. Remember when America got all its news from just three networks? Then the internet and social networking came along. There were more points of view. Zuckerberg will be taking us back to the three network idea or even less. Regulations, anyone?

As Written and Reported By Allum Bokhari for Breitbart: 

In his recent interview with the far-left online publication Vox, Mark Zuckerberg explained Facebook’s new system of favoring “broadly trusted” news sources, via a mechanism designed to favor established outlets and crush new media.

Facebook introduced its new system in January, and the results were immediately apparent. Facebook traffic to establishment outlets including CNN and NBC soared upwards, while traffic to conservative outlets fell. Facebook engagement (likes, shares, and comments) also fell across multiple new media outlets, including those on the right and the left. Facebook engagement on President Trump’s posts fell by 45 percent.

In his Vox interview, Mark Zuckerberg explained these changes as neutrally as he could, talking about providing a more “meaningful experience” for Facebook users. But despite tamely couching his words, the truth slipped out — Facebook is going to act like a publisher, with a view on what counts as “quality news,” and make judgments about the accuracy and reliability of news publications.

Zuckerberg outlined three categories of “fake news” — spammers, state actors, and “real media outlets who are saying what they think is true but have varying levels of accuracy or trustworthiness.”


Mark Zuckerberg Explains How Facebook Will Try to Kill Alternative Media | Breitbart


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