Did Republicans Just Catch Comey in an Outright Lie?

Former FBI Director James Comey is in conflict with testimony that he gave before Congress and answers to the same question that he has given on his book tour. It all has to do with whether or not Paul Manafort was perceived as lying to FBI agents during an interview. Congress was very surprised when Special Counsel Robert Mueller got a guilty plea for lying to the FBI out of Paul Manafort. How did that happen? How was Manafort coerced into a guilty plea if he did not lie?

As Written and Reported By Guy Benson for Townhall:

When Fox News anchor Bret Baier pressed former FBI Director James Comey on a number of fronts in a tough interview late last month, I noted a number of strange responses Comey offered to certain questions.  For instance, how was it possible that the ex-Bureau boss didn’t specifically know (and claims to still not know) who funded the anti-Trump dossier he used as a key component of the FBI’s Russia investigation?  And why is he continuing to promulgate the long-debunked Democratic talking point that Christopher Steele’s work on said dossier was initiated by Republicans?  Another point Baier drilled down on was whether Comey had, in fact, testified to lawmakers that FBI agents who’d interrogated then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had reported back that they did not believe he was lying to them.  Other news hosts asked similar questions during Comey’s media tour, eliciting similar replies — via Byron York:

During publicity interviews for his book, A Higher Loyalty, Comey has been asked several times whether he told lawmakers that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe Flynn had lied. “No,” Comey told Fox News’ Bret Baier. “I don’t know what — maybe someone misunderstood something I …..


Hmm: Have Republicans Caught James Comey in a Bald-Faced Lie? – Guy Benson


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