Did Senator Pretendian just eliminate herself from Presidential contention?

If you haven’t noticed, the Democrats are throwing a lot of names in the air as potential POTUS candidates. Their goal? They want to see who their voting base reactions to best. They won’t be giving Clinton another chance and let’s face it… Sanders really doesn’t have what it takes to beat Trump.

It’s only natural that some of them will even look at themselves in the proverbial mirror and think “no way”.

Still… Trump’s actually doing a very good job. Trump’s numbers are improving week after week. I personally believe that we will get two terms out of him and I, for one, look forward to it.

As Written and Reported by Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

This particular parlor game was already getting old more than a year ago but apparently, we may be stuck playing it for at least another year. Roughly one month ago we saw Massachusettes Senator Elizabeth Warren slyly dodging questions about a 2020 presidential run. At the time I noted how her answers weren’t really answers at all and committed her to nothing. They were all carefully crafted in the present tense with no assurances that current conditions couldn’t change at any time without notice.

That’s why I was rather surprised to see a headline from Matt Stout in the Boston Globe yesterday which seemed to assert that Warren had made up her mind. She was going to serve out her full term in the Senate if she wins reelection this year. So, that’s all we need to know, right? Well… let’s take a look at what she really said. (Emphasis added)

US Senator Elizabeth Warren said Thursday that if reelected this fall, she intends to finish her second six-year term, going a step beyond her previous assertions that she doesn’t have interest in running for the White House in….


Did Elizabeth Warren finally eliminate herself from POTUS contention?


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