Did someone at Equifax just yell “Abandon Ship!”?

Mariners of old were very superstitious about their ships. If they saw a bunch of rats departing the ship, they believed that the ship was in for a very bad time, including the sinking of that ship. Equifax may be seeing a similar omen taking place at their higher levels of management. Two have already departed, and who knows how many more are to run down the mooring lines. Look who left, already. Ahead of the Grim Reaper, maybe?

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Also known as getting out while the getting’s good. Two top Equifax executives have retired, the company announced, after a massive data breach that impacted over 140 million Americans. The chief information officer and the top security executive have both left, but that may not be enough to forestall Congress or the Federal Trade Commission:

A week after Equifax disclosed it suffered a massive data breach that may have compromised sensitive information belonging to 143 million people, the credit reporting agency’s chief information officer, David Webb, and chief security officer, Susan Mauldin, are retiring, effective immediately, the company said in a statement Friday evening.

The sudden departures come as Equifax has been the target of intense criticism over the lapses in security that led to the hack and the way the company has handled the aftermath. …

At least two congressional hearings on the Equifax breach have been announced. The first scheduled panel will take place on Oct. 3, when Smith is expected to testify. A bipartisan group of 36 senators have asked the Justice Department and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate reports Equifax executives sold stock after learning about the breach but before it was made public. The Federal Trade Commission took the unusual step of………


Equifax execs skedaddle as Congress, FTC threaten action – Hot Air Hot Air

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