Did The Swamp Just Win Again?

The Swamp has claimed another victory over common sense government. Former Congressman Allen West details what the inside the beltway crowd has done to win another round of the budget process. It is an idea that permeates politics in Washington, that the government needs to be benevolent. Mr. West exposes that lie and talks about the so-called budget process. Here is his view on the Omnibus bill and why we got it instead of a real budget.

As Written By Allen B. West for CNS News:

Once upon a time during a State of the Union Address, it was a Democrat President, Bill Clinton who claimed, “the era of big government is over.” Clinton, after his 1994 first midterm election loss, had to contend with a House and Senate controlled by Republicans. During that time, we saw amazing fiscal and government reforms such as a balanced budget, growing surplus, and welfare reform. Just last week, we witnessed a House, Senate, and White House all under the leadership of Republicans pass and sign the second largest spending measure in U.S. history. It was a $1.3T, 2,232-page omnibus spending bill, which we are sure those who voted for it did not read.

In between the proclamation of William Jefferson Clinton and the signature of Donald Trump we have seen a massive growth in the size and scope of the federal government.

The eight years of President George W. Bush and his “compassionate conservatism” started the rise of our debt and deficits. We need to understand that true classical liberalism, today’s constitutional conservatism does not require any qualifying adjective. Conservatism elevates the individual and develops the policies promoting economic empowerment by way of enabling individual entrepreneurial investment and growth. However, instead of setting the conditions for the elevation of the individual, we saw the false promise of government providing for the individual as being compassionate. Isn’t it rather perplexing that with a Republican House, Senate, and President we saw the increase in government spending? Yes, during the Bush administration there were combat engagements, but then again, providing for the common defense is the primary duty of the federal government. And even though President Bush sought to be a “compassionate” conservative, his increased government spending was used against him by the Democrats. We went from surplus to deficit. The estimated number of the national debt under President Bush was $5.7T upon entering office, and $10.6T upon departing.

As George W. Bush was denigrated, in came Barack Obama, and federal government spending went into hyper-drive. President Obama started with the failed Keynesian economic philosophy of increased government spending to spur on economic growth. We started with a massive trillion-dollar stimulus plan, followed by an abysmal failure that was to be known as Obamacare. We…..


Allen West: The Swamp Won Again


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