Did the Washington Post just embrace Satanism?

If I had not read this with my own eyes, I would be highly skeptical that the Washington Post had embraced Satanism. It would be another step to accept that Christianity is bad and the root of all racism. That is the big lie that is perpetrated in this opinion piece of theirs. They also want to ban ALL conservative speech on any campus. What kind of fascism is this, anyway? You have to read to remarks to believe them.

As Written by John Nolte for the Daily Wire:

Every time you start to believe the Washington Post cannot go any further off the leftwing rails, along comes another sweetheart of lunacy. Seven days ago, WaPo published an editorial justifying violence against Trump supporters. If you thought that was some pretty far out stuff, a few days later we were served up with an editorial that openly called for banning conservative speech on campus.

Crazy, right?

Nutso, right?

What is going on here? Why is one of the leading establishment news outlets in the country offering its imprimatur to dangerous lunatics advocating in favor of political violence and fascistic speech-killing policies?

Come on. Don’t be cute. We all know why. This is WaPo’s way of slowly but surely legitimizing these ideas, and both of these un-American ideas, silencing the Right through the use of force, are ideas the mainstream Left have secretly longed for for decades. When you boil the Left down to its essence, what you get are violent tyants all-too eager to control and organize society at the point of a gun.

Can WaPo get any worse, you ask?

Oh, my, yes — yes it can, you silly boy. Because when it comes to the Left, it will always, always……..


WaPo Editorial: Satan Is Good; Christians Are Responsible for Charlottesville | Daily Wire

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