Did Trump Break the Border Wall Promise? Nope, Not Really

All of the President Donald Trump supporters are wondering where and when the President will pick his fight over funding The Wall. The Wall is that campaign promise he made regarding the border with Mexico. It appeared to some that he has backed off from fighting it now to avoid a government shutdown. There are those that think this is the best time not to back down. The blame needs to rotate to the Party of No – The Democrats. It could also wait until the budget battles in September. That might also be a good time. We will know in the next few days where and when this battle will be fought.

As Written by Aaron Bandler for the Daily Wire:

Some are saying that President Donald Trump has broken his promise on funding the construction of his infamous border wall. But this is fake news.

The Washington Post published a headline on Tuesday morning that read, “Trump is caving on border wall funding after showing his base that he tried.” The author of the article, James Hohmann, gloated about Trump’s supposed betrayal of his base:

THE BIG IDEA: Donald Trump blinked first – again.

After the bluster comes the inevitable bow to reality. Last night the president backed off his demand that any deal to fund the federal government include money to start construction on his border wall. At an event with conservative journalists, Trump said he’s okay waiting until September to have this fight.

Hohmann then sneered that Trump’s supporters won’t see it “as another failure” but as “someone fighting to keep his promises and will give him an ‘A’ for effort.”

This seems to be the media narrative: Trump will back off on his promises if Democrats call his bluff. Naturally, Trump punched back against this narrative on ……


Did Trump Just Break His Promise On Funding The Wall? Not Really. | Daily Wire

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