DISD Devising a Communist Plan for Their School District

The Dallas Independent School District has widened its attacks upon the Founding Fathers. A school named after Benjamin Franklin is slated to undergo a name change. Why? Apparently, Mr. Franklin existed during a time that slavery was an accepted practice in the Colonies of America. Like many other founding fathers, Mr. Franklin owned slaves. That helped him with his newspaper business. Later in life, Benjamin became an absolutionist. He revised his opinions of the black race by observing young children. The school was named after him because of his accomplishments. Nothing in the honor had anything to do with honoring his oppression of slaves. Political correctness is running rampant in its socialist desire to eradicate all of our history and revise it. That is a Communist plan.

As Written By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

Dallas Independent School District included schools named after three of America’s Founding Fathers on a list of schools that the district is exploring renaming.

The DISD administration has already recommended renaming four schools named after Confederate generals, including Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The district is conducting additional research on whether to rename at least 20 other schools named after historical figures. The list of schools, posted by DISD board member Dustin Marshall on Facebook Saturday night, includes schools named after Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

“I will not support a name change for Franklin since Benjamin Franklin clearly had many accomplishments that form the basis for why the school was named after him. I don’t believe this school was named after Franklin to send a signal of oppression and control,” Marshall wrote. (Benjamin Franklin Middle School is the only school on the list that falls within Marshall’s district………


Dallas May Rename Schools With Founding Fathe | The Daily Caller

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