DISGUSTING! Hidden Anti-Semitic Messages In Marvel Comic Book

There was a time when Marvel Comics heroes stood for all that was good in America, but now you find Anti-Semitic messages drawn in for subliminal messages. The heroes have all been distorted into dark images and support the liberal progressive narrative. Superman stood for truth, justice, and the American way. Batman was the scourge of any villain in Gotham city. Now they fight each other and they all have dark sides.  

As Written By John Notle for the Daily Wire:

Thanks to social media, hidden Islamist propaganda, that includes anti-Christian and anti-Semitic messages, was uncovered in Marvel’s “X-Men Gold #1,” a comic book released last Wednesday. The Indonesian artist who worked on the book, Ardian Syaf, is facing unspecified disciplinary action, and Marvel Comics and promised to remove the propaganda from its digital platforms and future published versions.

The hidden messages are meant to reference a hotly contested election for the governor of Jakarta, the capitol of Syaf’s Indonesia. The polarizing and bitter campaign is being fought between the incumbent, a Chinese Christian, and his challengers, Muslims, who have the support of that country’s hardcore Islamists. In other words, it is a fight between the ideals of liberal pluralism and the horror show of fundamentalist Islamists who oppose anyone but Muslims holding public office.

Syaf, who obviously sides with the Islamists, put the Marvel character Colossus in a t-shirt that reads “QS 5:51,” which references a verse in the Quran that prohibits Muslims from allying themselves with Jews or Christians.

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