DNC Chair Tom Perez seems to not have been careful what he asked for

DNC Chair Tom Perez seems to not have been careful what he asked for. He wanted the top job at the DNC and now he has it. Why are there reports that he is miserable at his position? Have you ever had a job that was not to your tastes? Have you thought that being fired from that job would actually be a mercy killing? Mr. Perez reportedly is in that sort of situation. Maybe he doesn’t like asking people for money? That would make this a bad career choice.

As Written and Reported By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Say, whatever happened to that guy who got stuck with the job of being DNC Chairman last year? You remember him, right… Tom Perez? He’s sort of dropped off the media radar lately. Maybe he’s just busy raising money and gearing up for the midterms. That would make sense, but things aren’t always that simple in the real world. I noticed a press release from the RNC this week which claims that Perez has been holed up in his office quite a bit and DNC insiders are saying that although he campaigned for the position with great gusto, Perez actually hates his job.

As DNC Chair Tom Perez tries to rally his liberal base and blame Republicans for the Schumer Shutdown, it’s worth noting that he is reportedly “miserable” and “hates” his job.

Vice News dropped this bombshell scoop on the DNC yesterday. (Keep in mind RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel killed it in 2017 – setting a record for the most raised by a party committee chair in an off-year. A well-funded RNC means a well-funded ground game and data operation in the states. The opposite is true at the DNC, and Perez’s failures have Democrats sounding the alarm.)

The comparison is rather stark. Chairwoman McDaniel didn’t just exceed the Democrats’ fundraising efforts in……


It seems the DNC Chair really hates his job – Hot Air Hot Air

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