DNC, DCCC, Moveon.org, unions and others are TRYING to defeat Congressman Allen West


This Friday is a critical fundraising deadline for our campaign. It marks the end of the third quarter, and we need to raise as much as possible so we may file a strong report with the Federal Election Commission in Washington.

I can tell you he has been working very hard to meet with as many supporters as possible. But it’s just not possible to personally visit with everyone. Unlike his opponents, Allen actually has to serve the people of his district and continue all of the crucial work in Congress. He can’t spend every waking hour asking for help.

That’s why our online outreach plays such a large role in our campaign — and why this email is so important.

I hope you will take just one minute to make an online contribution of $25 or more to help our campaign. We count on every supporter at times like this and your financial backing helps us continue to run a lean and effective campaign.

You already know that Democrat groups like the DNC, DCCC, moveon.org, unions and others are doing everything they can to defeat Allen. It infuriates them that Allen speaks his mind and is so effective at recruiting independent and unaffiliated voters to his side. His secret: he actually tells the truth and stands by his convictions.

As we all know Allen doesn’t mince words or say what is “politically correct”. And while you might not agree with everything he says, you know where he stands. That’s the main reason people from all over Florida and America are coming out to support his re-election to Congress.

It’s also the reason I hope you will reaffirm your support for Congressman West by making a special end-of-quarter contribution of $25 or more to help our campaign right now. I know first-hand how much he appreciates each and every supporter who steps up to help. And I can tell you every gift makes a difference.

Thanks again for all you do for our campaign. It means so much to everyone working here at campaign headquarters.

Catherine Faulkner
Finance Director
Allen West For Congress

P.S. Remember, on Friday at midnight we close the books on our third quarter. I’d like to tell Allen you were a critical part of a successful fundraising effort. Please help me do that by making a special end-of-quarter contribution of $25 or more. Thanks again.


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