Do not expect Obama to go quietly into the night when Trump takes over the reins of the nation [Video]

Do not expect President Obama to go quietly into the night when Donald Trump takes over the reins of the nation. First off, he has a legacy to protect and Donald Trump will be his primary adversary there. Secondly, Mr. Obama is a limelight seeker and will be unable to contain his opinions as used to be a tradition for former Presidents. Thirdly, you can expect the mainstream media to carry the water for him every day.

As Written by Allahpundit for Hot Air:

“And the media is gonna be 100,000 percent behind Obama.”

A leftover from yesterday via the Daily Rushbo. “Unrest” and “disunity” are merely synonyms here for “opposition,” unless you think Ex-President Spock is going to embrace the radical within during his retirement and start calling for anti-Trump riots. But the larger point, that Obama will continue to be a political player, is true enough. The Times already reported last month, in fact, that Obama plans to “remain part of the political debate” once he leaves office. How enthusiastically he participates will probably depend on how far Trump goes to overturn O’s policies. For the moment, Obama’s trying to make nice with Trump to influence him rather than declare war on him; if that proves fruitful, he’ll have an incentive to keep a lower public profile to stay on Trump’s good side. If it doesn’t, he’ll attack. But a gracious Bush-style post-presidency probably isn’t in the cards, unless Trump proves far more susceptible to private persuasion by Obama than anyone on the right expects.

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Rush: Obama’s going to try to create “unrest” and “disunity” during Trump’s presidency « Hot Air


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