DOD: No troop pay, civilians could be furloughed if govt shuts down

Troops will not get paychecks and Defense Department civilians could be furloughed if Congress fails to pass a new federal budget and the government shuts down Thursday, according to a DOD memo sent out to personnel.


The department was still holding out hope for a solution on Capitol Hill, according to the Friday memo from Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work. However, if lawmakers do not act by midnight Wednesday, the fallout could be similar to the last government shutdown in 2013, which caused turmoil and temporarily forced about 350,000 Pentagon workers on leave without pay.

“During a government shutdown, all military personnel would continue in a normal duty status. However, they would not be paid until Congress provides funding,” Work wrote.

Civilians deemed crucial to protecting human safety and property will continue working as normal if a shutdown occurs, and will not receive any pay until there is a budget solution, according to a contingency plan that was also released Friday. The final decision on who makes the cut will be left up to the service secretaries and the heads of DOD components.

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