DOJ Fires Back at California Judge’s Decision on Sanctuary City Funding

The DOJ will not be deterred by an Obama appointed California judge who put a temporary stay on President Trump’s Executive Order regarding funding of ‘sanctuary cities.’ First off, these cities and States have signed agreements with the Federal government. These agreements define the conditions under which federal funds will be received. Violate that and the contract is void. Even a layman can understand that. The judge in California is parsing words and phrases in order to make a ruling favoring the alt-left narrative. 

As Written By Alex Pfeiffer for the Daily Caller:

The Department of Justice is not worried about a federal court decision Tuesday that temporarily blocks enforcement of Trump’s executive order that targeted federal funding of “sanctuary cities.”

A spokesman said the DOJ will continue on with its efforts to restrict federal law enforcement grants from jurisdictions that restrict the federal government from accessing information about the immigration status of an individual.

The judge sided with the city of San Francisco and Santa Clara County, California, which both were worried about potentially losing billions in federal money. The DOJ lawyers argued that San Francisco would have lost less than $1 million in funding. However, the judge said that the order was written too broadly.

Judge William Orrick, an Obama-appointee, also pointed to public comments from Trump administration officials which made the order “unclear.” He said that the administration took a “schizophrenic ……

DOJ Rejects That Court Stops Order To Cut Money From Cities | The Daily Caller

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