DOJ Has Discussed Civil Legal Action Against Climate Change Deniers?

Well isn’t this interesting. If we don’t believe in the liberal led global warm… er, climate change agenda we are being discussed as in violation and could be jailed for it? Where are we China? Unbelievable! The Attorney General Loretta Lynch has testified that it has been discussed in detail. Watch the video below for more government gone wild.

As Written By Jon Street, The Blaze:

Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified Wednesday that the Justice Department has “discussed” taking civil legal action against the fossil fuel industry for “denying” the “threat of carbon emissions” when it comes to climate change.

During Lynch’s testimony at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said that he believes there are similarities between the tobacco industry denying scientific studies showing the dangers of using tobacco and companies within the fossil fuel industry denying studies allegedly showing the threat of carbon emissions.


AG Lynch Testifies: Justice Dept. Has ‘Discussed’ Civil Legal Action Against Climate Change Deniers |

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