Donald Trump, Jr. comes back swinging at backstabbing Steve Bannon

Apparently, Steve Bannon is considered to be guilty of the backstabbing of President Donald Trump and the whole Trump administration. You can probably add the Trump family to that as well. They are the same in some cases. 

Steve Bannon’s tell-all book about the Trump White House has received attention from President Trump as well as a barrage of hits for Donald Trump Junior. Bannon asserts that a meeting with a Russian lawyer was treasonous. That is now hotly contested and has definitely cast out Steve Bannon’s claim to be in the inner circle. This may explain some of the other events that occurred in Alabama. 

As Written and Reported By Amber Athey for the Daily Caller:

Donald Trump Jr. has been relentless in his attacks on Steve Bannon after the former White House strategist accused him of treason.

In a tweet late Wednesday, Trump Jr. asserted that Bannon’s only contributions to the White House were “backstabbing, harassing, leaking, lying & undermining.”

“Steve had the honor of working in the White House & serving the country,” Trump Jr. wrote. “Unfortunately, he squandered that privilege & turned that opportunity into a nightmare of backstabbing, harassing, leaking, lying & undermining the President. Steve is not a strategist, he is an opportunist.”

Bannon stated in a new book by Michael Wolff that the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump Jr., other campaign officials, and a Russian lawyer was “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.” President Donald Trump was allegedly “furious” over the attack on his family and released a scathing statement denouncing Bannon………


Don Jr. Hits ‘Backstabbing’ Bannon | The Daily Caller 

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