Donald Trump MUST say these things at the next Debate

During the first presidential debate did you feel like Donald Trump had left some things on the table? I certainly did, as well as a whole bunch of conservative pundits. Here is complied a short list of Hillary vulnerabilities that did not arise Monday night.

Please feel free to add your own ideas to the list.

Hopefully, The Donald will get these zingers in as soon as possible.

Benghazi: Blamed it on a YouTube video. 4 Americans died on her watch. [More below this video]

Hacked Emails – Nail in the coffin. Her emails jeopardized undercover agents and America’s most Top Secrets.

Clinton Foundation – Clinton Global Initiative: Worldwide donor corruption, masquerading as a charitable organization.

Sold United States Uranium to Russia

Pay to Play Access – While Bill Clinton was President and while she was Secretary of State.

Ambassadorships for Sale – Highest donations wins the position.

Putting Coal Miners Out of Jobs:

Second Amendment: Her new key phrase is Gun Epidemic. Using this to take the law abiding gun owners protection and rights away.


What’s in those Speeches she won’t release to Wall Street (Goldman Sachs etc)

Charitable Donations – Donating over 57% back to their own foundation

Money from Middle Eastern countries

Lies to FBI and America routinely.

Pandering to the Black Community and has done nothing for them.

Obamacare – she is running on Obama’s health plan and it’s disastrous

There are plenty more to add to this and I am counting on you to help me fill it up. Let’s give Donald Trump all the help we can leading up to the next presidential debate.

But in the words of Barack Hussein Obama:



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