Don’t Be Fooled! It’s A Democrat-Hillary Ploy

The Democrats can suddenly see Hillary Clinton and her philandering husband in a new light. It’s a miracle! Well, maybe not so much. It is actually political. Ms. Clinton will be dumped into the trash bins of political history and it will be her husband that is used to put her there. here is how that will all work. Read more below.

As Written By Russ Vaugh For The American Thinker:

Those conservatives and Republicans reading the cautious confessions of Democrat players that they may have actually been wrong about Bill Clinton’s sexual crimes, could be forgiven if they wrongly believe the scales have fallen at last from the eyes of the left and they can now see how mistaken they once were.  While it is tempting to read these mea culpas from liberal pundits and power players within the party, one would be well advised to not go getting all dewy-eyed and sentimental over the turkey table with the mistaken belief that perhaps our Democratic brethren aren’t so morally misguided as we’ve long believed.  Before lowering your guard and toasting your liberal family members on their belated awakening to the devil in their midst, you should remember that these are Democrats, both operatives and media flunkies writing at the behest of those operatives, and Democrat operatives always have an ulterior motive.

In this case, and in this current heated environment of feminine outrage against male sexual predators, it’s not hard to puzzle out why the Democratic Party would seize on this opportunity to divest themselves of this finally recognized as well as some now all too vocal political baggage: Hillary Clinton.  Yep, that’s right, folks: I didn’t say Bill.  I said Hill, and that is precisely who is the true target of this supposedly surprise divestiture of the only real living lion of the party.  It’s not about Bill or his soulless sexual predations and any sudden awakening to the reality of Republican claims of long ago; it’s that a bunch of light bulbs went on over a bunch of Democrat heads, who all suddenly came to see that in this current political atmosphere, Bill’s past predatory practices are the perfect tool for leveraging the noisy, past-her-sell date Hillary out of the way for future elections.  Their hope is that if prominent Democrats are finally acknowledging the criminality of her husband’s past acts, even the hard-headed Hillary has to know she’s done.

It doesn’t even have to be the entire party turning against Hillary because of Bill’s……..


‘Bill’s guilty’ is really a Democrat Hillary ploy

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