“Don’t let Patrick Murphy’s father buy this spoiled brat a seat in Congress” – Allen West for Congress

Dear Friends,

I am forwarding you this email from the campaign of Allen’s opponent. Patrick Murphyhas never accomplished anything, he has a nice title at his dad’s company and his family is trying to buy him a seat in Congress. Murphy continues to run from debates and claims to bemoan name calling, but his entire campaign against Allen West is one smear after another.

Now Murphy is touting the “Worst Republican Ever” contest from his Washington backers at the DCCC. Murphy’s campaign says: “There is no way any Republican is worse than West. Let’s prove it. Vote for West as the Worst Republican Ever. It only takes a few seconds.” Talk about juvenile—but unfortunately that’s Patrick Murphy.

Don’t let Patrick Murphy’s father buy this spoiled brat a seat in Congress. We need 50 more contributors to help meet our daily fundraising goal and fight back. Contribute here.

Tim Edson

Campaign Manager for Congressman Allen West




——-Forwarded Mesage ——-

From: Anthony Kusich, Campaign Manager, Murphy for Congress

Date: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Subject: Nobody Worse…


There aren’t many Republicans out there worse than Allen West.  In fact, together we can prove that is true.  The DCCC is holding the first-ever Worst. Republican. Ever. contest this week.
Only Allen West accused over 80 Democratic members of Congress of being members of the “Communist Party,” or called cancer survivor and member of Congress Debbie Wasserman Schulz “vile and despicable.”  Most recently, he said if voters reelect President Obama, we deserve all the “pain and misery” that would ensue.
Patrick Murphy can and will defeat Allen West and finally restore sanity to the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches.  Let’s make sure the world knows Allen West is the Worst. Republican. Ever.
Anthony Kusich
Campaign Manager
Patrick Murphy for Congress

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