Doug Jones Thinks He Can Fool Alabama Voters on His Anti-Life Stance

Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones is running against Judge Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate set vacated by Jeff Sessions. The voters in Alabam have a difficult decision to make. Will they go with Judge Moore who reflects their values and is the victim of unsubstantiated charges, or will they go with an avowed abortionist? It is hard to see where Doug Jones is, as he tries to walk back previous comments supporting late-term abortions. Here is what Jones said about that.

As Written By Dr. Susan Berry for Breitbart: 

Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones holds extreme views on abortion that are not in tune with the pro-life state of Alabama, but he’s apparently working to soften them.

In a recent interview with, Jones walked back his prior comments on abortion in which he refused any restrictions on abortion up until the baby’s day of birth. Now, however, Jones says he wants to “be clear” about his stance on abortion.

Jones told he was the victim of an “attack” since his MSNBC interview in which he said he becomes a “right-to-lifer” only after a baby is born.

“Those comments, everybody wants to attack you so they are going to make out on those comments what they want to their political advantage,” Jones said, adding:

To be clear, I fully support a woman’s freedom to choose to what happens to her own body. That is an intensely, intensely personal decision that only she, in consultation with her god, her doctor, her partner or family, that’s her choice.

Having said that, the law for decades has been that late-term procedures are generally restricted except in the case of medical necessity. That’s what I support. I don’t see any changes in that. It is a personal decision.

But, that’s not what Jones told MSNBC’s MTP Daily host Chuck Todd in……


Full-Term Abortion Backer Doug Jones Now Aims to Fool Alabama Voters on Anti-Life Stance – Breitbart

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