Download here: The ISIS playbook, “Management of Savagery” 

We’ve been told they’re the Junior Varsity squad of terrorists. We’ve been told President Barack Obama said the Islamic State is “contained,” and then his apologists have said he was speaking “to the geographic expansion of ISIL in Iraq and Syria.”


As Written By Angela Graham-West:

The woman who wants to be “the first female president,” Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and third candidate, Martin O’Malley, declined to use the term “radical Islam” during Saturday’s debate. Sanders conceded that “international terrorism is a major issue” that must be addressed. But Sanders maintained that the “bigger threat remains climate change.” O’Malley even said “he has urged the Obama administration to accept 65,000 Syrian refugees”… maybe they can go to Baltimore, since “vetting” is impossible because they have no databases for these people in Syria.

Aside from the fact that the climate had nothing to do with the massacre of over 100 people in Paris last Friday, we are now finding out ISIS or ISIL or whomever are quite organized enough to have something of a comprehensive manual which was first published online in 2004.

It appears to be roughly a 70-page “how to” handbook covering a range of suggestions on how to target people living in Western societies. It appears to have been created to aid ISIS supporters planning “lone-wolf” terrorist attacks.

According to International Business Times, “The e-book covers a range of topics including hiding an extremist beliefs and identity, disguise, earning money, how to secure internet privacy, communications, making allies and training.

It describes itself as “a guide for Muslims who are living in a majority non-Muslim land, or a country where the rulers are harsh towards the believers… It will teach you how to be a secret agent who lives a double life.”

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