Dozens of Members of Congress Are About To Be Exposed Over Sexual Harassment And Misconduct

There were some notable events in Congress this week that point to more charges of sexual misbehaviors within Congress. Women members of the House and Senate have let it be known in hearings that there is a lot more of this inappropriate behavior about to become common knowledge. Will this explode beyond all expectations?

As Written By Guy Benson for Townhall: 

On one hand, this is a potential bombshell.  With Democratic gropers Al Franken and John Conyers finally on the way out, and the GOP divided over what to do if credibly-accused molester Roy Moore wins next week’s special election in Alabama, could there be a big pile of shoes still waiting to drop on dozens of sitting members of Congress?  On the other hand, would that outcome really be much of a surprise at this point?  I direct your attention to this account of a tense hearing on the Hill a few weeks ago, at which female members decried and confronted a systemic climate of harassment within the halls of Congress:

After a stunning hearing Tuesday morning where lawmakers acknowledged sexual harassment is a pervasive problem on Capitol Hill, Ryan released a statement saying that the hearing was “another important step in our efforts to combat sexual harassment and ensure a safe workplace.” … At Tuesday’s hearing, members publicly came to terms with sexual harassment as a pervasive problem on Capitol Hill. Female lawmakers aired tantalizing details, albeit without naming names, of unwanted sexual comments and advances taking place in their midst. “This is about a member, who is here [in Congress] now. I don’t know who it is, but somebody who I trust told me this situation,” Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) said at the hearing. The male member tricked a young female staffer into meeting him at his residence, Comstock said. When the staffer arrived, he greeted her in a towel, then exposed himself, she said. The staffer left the house and subsequently quit her Hill job, she ………


Hoo Boy: WaPo, CNN Preparing to Expose Dozens of Members of Congress on Sexual Harassment and Misconduct? – Guy Benson


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