Dr. Ben Carson No ‘Extra Rights’ for LGBT Americans

In his Senate confirmation hearing, Dr. Ben Carson made it perfectly clear that he believes in equal treatment for all. The doctor is a conservative Christian, but that does not lead him to deny rights to any group. He also does not believe that any group should receive preferential treatment. Do you support the good doctor?

As Written By Tim Devaney for The Hill:

Trump Cabinet pick Ben Carson reiterated his belief Thursday that LGBT Americans don’t deserve “extra rights.”

During Carson’s confirmation hearing, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) pressed the Housing and Urban Development nominee about whether he would enforce LGBT protections in the public housing sector.

“Of course, I would enforce all the laws of the land,” Carson responded. “Of course, I think all Americans should be protected by the law.”

“What I have said before is I don’t think anyone should get ‘extra rights,’” he added.

Carson’s remarks mirror those from his 2014 CPAC speech: “Of course gay people should have the same rights as everyone else, but they don’t get extra rights,” Carson said at …..


Carson: No ‘extra rights’ for gay Americans | TheHill

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