Drones Over Submarine Base?

The use of drones for recreation has become quite the thing for the tech savvy. The issues of safety and security have thus become bigger issues for the military. Last year, you remember, a father took out a drone that appeared to be spying on his teenage daughter. Now the Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS for you Jethro fans) is hunting for whoever has been flying one over the submarine base. Did I mention that the over flights were at night? Read more in the article below.

bangor sub

As Written by Ed Friedrich at Kitsap Sun, Bremerton, Wash.

Drones above Bangor has Navy Base Buzzing.

BANGOR — Who’s flying drones over the Bangor submarine base? The Navy wants to know.

On Feb. 8, a drone was seen flying above Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor and reported by a civilian employee, spokeswoman Silvia Klatman said.

The airspace above the base is designated as “prohibited.” It’s illegal and hazardous to operate there without permission and coordination of authorities, according to the Navy, which is investigating.

“It’s our intent to support the investigation and prosecution of this reported act, and any others that may occur, in coordination with civilian law enforcement,” Klatman said. She wouldn’t provide more information while the investigation is ongoing except to say the Navy is committed to the security of its infrastructure, people and neighbors.

Agents interviewed neighbors outside the fence last week, said Al Starcevich, whose family’s 110-year-old homestead on Olympic View Road is pinched between the base and Hood Canal. He told a couple of men in suits that he hadn’t seen anything unusual. The drones were reported at night.


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