Ebola, Panicked Yet?

by Paul D. Clark (Ret. U.S. Navy CPO)

As I was sitting in the drive thru line at a popular fast food venue I was listening to the news. The report came on the radio regarding the new second ebola case; the nurse in Dallas who attended the first Ebola case in the United States. It is still too early to determine where or when she was exposed to the virus. It was unclear whether she had early contact with the first case or some protocol had been compromised as she attended him.

My thoughts moved back to the line I was in and I wondered about the crews in the fast food restaurants all around the intersection I was near. What happens if one of them comes in contact with Ebola through the drive up window? Would they catch the virus? Would they pass the virus back through the window? What would happen to commerce and trade? Would public transportation be forced to shut down? How do we ‘survive” this?

When I took these thoughts home with me and went online, the following headline screamed out at me from the MAIL ONLINE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2789194/stock-drinking-water-don-t-answer-door-neighbours-ebola-outbreak-advice-issued-families-sales-home-infection-control-kits-soar.html

Sales of gas masks, bio-hazard suits and foil blankets soar as ‘survivalists’ prepare for Ebola epidemic – and warn others to store water

  • Survivalists warned families would not cope if an epidemic happened now
  • Families ‘must take it upon themselves to prepare for worst in advance’
  • Experts advise avoiding all human contact and stocking up on supplies
  • In worst case scenario flee to uncontaminated area with emergency kits  

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2789194/stock-drinking-water-don-t-answer-door-neighbours-ebola-outbreak-advice-issued-families-sales-home-infection-control-kits-soar.html#ixzz3Fx18h800

Real gloom and doom poises to run amok. This becomes a real doomsday scenario if you let your imagination run wild. Shut the doors and board the windows if you want to live? I think not! I have faith in our ability, in the words of Sgt. Highway, to “Improvise, adapt, overcome!” There are, however,  a few things we need to insist upon from our government:

  1. Limit travel to and from West Africa. An embargo on travel to prevent the spread of disease is not a new thing. It is not inhumane. It is a prudent and necessary step in order to limit the spread of Ebola worldwide.
  2. Secure our borders from illegal entry by all manners of people. If you, as the government, cannot control the entry of diseases then you are derelict in your duty to protect and defend the United States. There appears to be strong evidence that Enterovirus D68 has recently crossed our borders with all the illegal children that have entered.
  3. Return our troops from West Africa immediately. The longer they are there, the higher the risk of exposure. The token offer to the troops of an express plane ride home if they come down with Ebola is a pitiful sop to our servicemembers. Only trained medical personnel should be allowed to assist West Africa until a better means of controlling the disease is determined.
  4. Turn loose the CDC and researchers from too strict FDA oversight. Find what works NOW, and put it into play. Let the manufacturing might of the pharmaceutical industry flex its muscle and provide for the needs of the world.
  5. Demand action from your representatives. Nothing gets their attention, concern, and action like phone calls, emails, and letters, especially during election season.

Finally, DO NOT PANIC… Yet. There are a lot of very talented and good people out there working to protect us. We need to make sure that they have the room to work, proper plans for action, and the funds to succeed.


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