Education Department joins Facebook in Data Mining

The Education Department appears to have joined Facebook and other high tech giants in the Data Mining Industry. Thanks to Common Core and some other initiatives, your child has already been data mined all in the name of a better education. The scope of this is already large and has been mostly under the radar. Now add this to how Facebook has been using data mining and selling it to the election process. Barack Obama was highly praised in 2008 and 20012 for using Facebook’s data. Cambridge Analytica is under investigation for using the same data for Donald Trump. There needs to be some hard looks into what is going on with student data. 

As Written and Reported By Dr. Susan Berry for Breitbart: 

Republicans may be congratulating each other over their show of outrage at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s data snatches and repression of free speech during Senate and House hearings, but a leading conservative commentator says they missed the boat in failing to address the tech giant’s intrusive grabs into the private data of America’s schoolchildren.

Michelle Malkin – host of Michelle Malkin Investigates on – writes at about the cozy relationship between Facebook and other technology titans with the U.S. Education Department. Using comforting-sounding buzz phrases such as “personalized,” “individualized,” and “social and emotional” learning, the federal education behemoth has joined with the tech corporations who are “cashing in on the Big Data boondoggle,” Malkin says.

She continues:

Facebook is just one of the tech giants partnering with the U.S. Department of Education and schools nationwide in pursuit of student data for meddling and profit. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Pearson, Knewton, and many more are cashing in on the Big Data boondoggle. State and federal educational databases provide countless……


Malkin: Facebook in Bed with U.S. Education Department and ‘Not a Peep’ from GOP | Breitbart


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