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White House holds talks with group seeking to kill off coal plants

BY JOHN SICILIANO – Washington Examiner

The White House held a two-day round of meetings this week with a key environmental group leading a national campaign to snuff out coal plants.

White House and Environmental Protection Agency officials met with the Sierra Club, which is leading the Beyond Coal campaign to close coal-fired power plants, to hear its ideas on tightening power plant emission regulations that are part of President Obama’s push to address global warming.

Critics say the rules would make it nearly impossible to build new coal-fired generation in the country.

The meetings are part of the White House Office of Management and Budget’s final review that it must do before the emission regulations become law later this summer.

One of the rules would tighten the amount of greenhouse gas emissions allowed from new power plants, which the coal industry argues would be so cost prohibitive it effectively would ban any new coal plants being built in the U.S. The second rule is for power plants that are significantly updated or modified, requiring strict emission controls.


White House holds talks with group seeking to kill off coal plants | WashingtonExaminer.com


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