Exclusive: The Face of the Fort Hood Shooter Revealed, Confirmed

Mayor Of Fort Hood Shooter’s Hometown In Puerto Rico Identifies Ivan Lopez In Photo

By Bryan Llenas, Carmen Llona

Published April 03, 2014 | Fox News Latino

DEVELOPING: The mayor of the Fort Hood shooter’s hometown confirmed to Fox News Latino that he is the soldier pictured in a photo posted on his Facebook page.

Ivan Lopez, opened fire Wednesday at Ft. Hood, killing three people and injuring 16 others.

Edgardo Arlequin, the mayor of Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, a personal friend of Lopez who taught him while he was in a band, said the gunman was recently a changed man.

“We raised a good kid, somewhere [down the line] something happened that changed the life of this man,” Arlequin told Fox News Latino. “What I know, from the seven, eight years that I taught him, is that from here he left a great human being.”

Lopez lost his mother and grandfather within a two-month period just five months ago.


Fox News Latino Exclusive: The Face of the Fort Hood Shooter Revealed, Confirmed – Fox Nation.

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