Eye Opening Revelation In This Part of the Newly Released JFK Docs

President Donald Trump did not release entirely all of the JFK Docs that have been secreted away for decades. There were some that still could not be released due to national security or some such reason. There were 2,800 pages supposedly released, but some were still redacted.

There was this one bit of information about Lee Harvey Oswald and who he was communicating with. Oswald’s ties to the Communist party are widely known. What was uncovered were three letter exchanges he had with leaders in the Communist Party of  The United States of America.

As Written By Daniel L. Flynn for Breitbart: 

The trove of Kennedy assassination documents released by the federal government on Thursday includes a memorandum indicating communication between Lee Harvey Oswald and prominent members of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA).

The November 26, 1963, memo notes a letter from Oswald to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, an Industrial Workers of the World activist and founder of the American Civil Liberties Union who served a prison stint in the 1950s for violating the Smith Act with nearly two dozen other Communists. Flynn, a familiar figure to anyone familiar with the history of the American Left, died in the Soviet Union 10 months after the assassination.

The meeting between FBI agents and Gus Hall, longtime leader of the CPUSA, and two of his lieutenants, Arnold Jonson, convicted in 1953 along with Flynn of violating the Smith Act, and Irving Potash, who, like Oswald once emigrated to live in a Communist nation, took place in room 707 of the famed Chelsea Hotel, a New York City haunt favored by Mark Twain, Brendan Behan, Jack Kerouac, and other authors and where Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen fifteen years after Oswald killed the president.

At the Chelsea, the brash leaders exhibited fear in the wake of the murder of the president of the United States by one of their fellow Communists…….


Assassination Document Shows Communication Between Lee Harvey Oswald and American Communist Leaders – Breitbart

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